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"We are really impressed with the teachers. I receive regular phone calls regarding my daughter. I am also informed about the activities, when Adrushta is absent. We would like to thank you all for the support extended to our child."

Adrushta’s Parents

"One positive change I noticed in my twinkling star, which will play a vital role in social life ahead is, he has started respecting elders and greeting everybody. This will give him the confidence to face complex and changing world. The credit goes to Brats n Cuties”

Sahil Ranglani’s Mom


How should a teacher reach out to a new joiner?

Every parent wants their little ones to have a hail and hearty start to their school. In the first few weeks when a child is settling into the best play school in India ,the foundation to their affinity towards the process of learning is being laid. Since, all children are individuals and while some of them take fairly no time to accept and adapt to the new settings and routines, others may take a bit longer than usual to feel at ease and protected. Don’t worry; it’s not strange for kids to call for a little superfluous help to fine tune the start of school and deal with the initial separation anxiety.

What can be done?

Teachers in play schools in India play the pivotal role by nurturing the child who is upset by making him feel comfortable and help him adjust to the new found routine, and also provide comfort and assurance to the parents who undergo stress primarily because, like their little one, they too are undergoing a period of anxiety and find it very difficult to let go. Apart from this it is also important to lend a hand to other kids in the class, to make them feel at ease and relieving them of their anxiety arising from looking at one of their unhappy classmates.
Separation anxiety behaviors are extensive and could be articulated in as easy a behavior as crying while getting separated from the parent, to a severe one leading to a child becoming physically unwell. This kind of anxiety could last from few minutes to as long as few months.
There are some strategies that help:

  1. Respect what the child is going through – Every child has the right to emote what they feel and teachers should respect that by not criticizing their behaviour. Allow the child to cry and comfort them.
  2. Divert their mind – Once the parents have left, it is always a good practice to engage a child in some constructive activity to divert their attention and this practice is very much in vogue in schools for kids. In an attempt to settle them down read them a story, sit with them with some toys, offer them play dough. If this does not help it is always better to take them outside to play because some children may actually be fighting fear of confinement.
  3. Keep them with the same staff member/teacher everyday during settling – It is observed that in Indian play schools sometimes a child relates much better with one teacher than the other. Therefore, it is always good to set up a schedule and have the same teacher/staff member connect with the same child during the settling days until the child finds a comfort zone and settles.
  4. Avoid forcefully engaging them into activities – Many a times the attempts in play school Delhi to engage the child in different sorts of activities do not work. In such cases, do not shove them, it is better to leave them for a few minutes to deal with their grief of separating from their parents, cry a little and settle down. After sometime when they would realize that the parents have left and they would begin to understand this routine and gradually settle down. This is when they can be again persuaded to engage in some activities.
  5. Reassure them – Teachers must comfort the child and tell them that it is absolutely fine to feel unhappy sometimes and they are there whenever a child needs them. Make them understand that their parents will come to pick them up as soon as they are finish playing, having their meals and following some activities towards the end of the session.
  6. Facilitate bonding with peers – It is always a good idea to facilitate bonding of the child with other kids. They need to feel bonded with at least one of their classmates.
  7. Develop a parent-child parting ritual – The biggest challenge is to say goodbye. Sometimes we fail to understand the way children in play schools in India deal with transitions and parting with their parents. Inadvertently, we happily substitute staff member or a teacher for their parents and this transition becomes abrupt for the child. It always helps when there is a certain way when a child parts with the parents. Developing a parting ritual such as a brief hug, thumbs up, kiss on the forehead provides that sense of reassurance.
  8. Comfort bag for the child - Asking parent to send a comfort bag, filling it with a few items that will offer comfort and remind them of home,works many a times. It may contain a favorite book, a few photos of the family, a favorite toy or anything else that the child loves.
  9. Do not give up on these tiny tots! – There may be times when all was going well in best play school in India and one fine day they feel the anxiety all over again. Usually, such situations occur after a brief period where they were away from school due to an absence because of illness or after the holidays. In such situations a comforting them with assurance that they are safe and loved in the ambit of their pre school works best.

There may be situations when the separation anxiety is of the highest order and none of the strategies are working to calm the distressed child, in such cases one should seek help. There may be unfathomable underlying problems that require some professional help to address them. Always keep the parents into the loop.
The best a teacher in best play school can do for the children during the early days is to support them in their choices, move toys closer to them, not forcing them to part with their belongings like bag and water bottle or any other stuff , would make them feel secure. Respect their need for space and time. Gradually they would settle into the folds of the school, and after some time would develop connections with the staff and the peers, it is always a tough road but the rewards, once the child settles ,are amazing. Separation Anxiety is a challenge for the little ones and their parents, a gentle hand , reassurance and positive approach is the only key to establish a bond that the child will nurture for eternity.

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