Brats n Cuties, Ramphal

Brats n Cuties your most trusted and loved Preschool is an institution that blends global education with Indian contemporary methods and is determined to set milestones with excellence, innovation and constant research and development work is now gracing your neighbourhood with a clear vision to help young parents to open the doors by giving a international Pre-schooling experience

Director’s Profile

The Management of Brats ‘n’ Cuties take pride in introducing the Director of Brats ‘n’ Cuties at Palam Extn., Near Sector-7, Dwarka. The Director has a clear vision and understands that what quality learning’s imparted by Brats ‘n’ Cuties can do for the child’s well being. The Director’s education background is B.A. (Eng. Hons,), MBA and has been actively involved in social causes of the area of operation of the school.


Located in Palam Extn., Near Sector-7, Dwarka with all Top of the line amenities to provide high quality care in a fun learning environment to develop and implement a stimulating and challenging programme for all children based on their skills, needs and interest. Emphasis is laid on Experiential Learning, Stage Exposure, Personality Grooming Sessions, Phonics and Dictions, Activities to improve fine and gross motor Skills. Attraction in the School Campus are Activity Room, Kids Gym etc., with facilities of Live view through camera of school via internet, Auto SMS ID Cards, transport, Nutritious Meals, Day Care with unique features like Edu-drama, Tablet based Learning, Themes and Projects etc.

Contact Us

Address : St. No-5, Behind Phillips Showroom, Palam Extension, Sector – 7, Dwarka
+91 9958992001

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