There are more than a few reasons why a child should attend Pre-school. The pre-school aids in the communal and emotional development of the child moreover it is observed that the young children learn social skills and emotional self-control in “real time”. It also promotes brain development in a child which is extremely essential in the early childhood. The Pre-school environment is structured that helps children learn to make friends. Also, in the structured environment children are encouraged to make choices that interest them. They learn to take care of themselves and help others. It promotes cognitive, motor skills and linguistic developments and their curiosities are also catered too.
Brats n Cuties is not just about rhymes or alphabets or digits. It is more to do with the grooming of the children, identifying their skills and honing their talents.
As a Pre-school we encourage the teachers to get in touch with the parents themselves and report about the child’s progress. However, parents can reach out to the teachers post dispersals one-to-one or over the phone.
We serve the food that can cater to the nutritional needs of children. A balance menu which is very thoughtfully made and interest the little ones
The entire setup is a child friendly infrastructure which is not only safe but thought evoking.
There would a female help staff for the pick-up and drop of the child
Edudrama, Dance, Music, Yoga and lots more.
Technology is used extensively in the form of Live relay cam, RFID, sms’s etc.
Our teachers are professionally trained and have their action plans sorted out for various situations.
Majorly English and at times Bi-lingual.
We have a policy of ‘Not to leave a child unattended”. Hence, each and every activity is supervised by our well trained staff.