Brats n Cuties, Rohini

Brats n Cuties, best pre school in Rohini, your most loved and trusted Pre-school is an institution that blends global education with Indian contemporary methods and is determined to set milestones with excellence, innovation and constant research and development work is now gracing your neighbourhood with a clear vision to help young parents to open the doors by giving an International Pre-schooling experience.

Director’s Profile

Brats n Cuties, Rohini branch is run by Mrs. Nameeta Aggarwal ,a post graduate in mathematics and also an actuary who always wanted to be a part of some enterprise. So she chose the preschool industry. Under the aegis of the head branch, she has been imparting quality education to kids and a homelike atmosphere to day care children. She strongly believes that parents play a very important role in a child’s development and thus before the start up of any session, they orient the parents about how their participation and involvement as a partner would bring out the best in their child.

Location & Facilities

Located in Sector 24, Rohini, the branch offers a vibrant infrastructure with well lit and theme based classrooms, play zone and stage area to cater to child’s innovative and creative needs, IP static code camera for 24*7 live view of school through internet and ensuring greater safety through RFID enabled ID cards.

Contact Us:

Address: 91-92, Ground Floor, Pocket 14, Rohini, NEW DELHI-110043
Mobile: +91 9810830026

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