Brats n Cuties Day Care

Daycare: “THE NEST”

To facilitate the twin parents working culture, we at ‘The nest’ provide children with safe and a loving environment structured around their needs that allows them to socialize and learn. We have a well trained staff who seem to connect beautifully to a child and proudly takes the opportunity to make a difference in the child’s life by giving him a well thought-out after school hours away from home.


Every kid deserves the best possible beginning to their academic journey and Brats n Cuties ensures that they get hold of the opportunity to get nurtured, evolve and learn in the best preschool in India, which not only gives them an environment that is not only safe and child friendly but every nook and corner of the school are self-exploratory and learning zones which ignites the desire to learn in a child’s mind and sparks enough inquisitiveness for them to fall in love with the schooling.

Learning Ladder

Learning Ladder

Learning Ladder is BnC’s endeavour to turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. It caters to the age group of 4 yrs to 10 yrs.  Through this program we assist the child with their home work, project work and we strive to promote self expression and good articulation by taking grooming sessions that in turn harness the “winning potential “of each child to set him above the crowd.


Live camera view of the class rooms

Auto sms by RFID Cards

Child friendly and thought evoking infrastructure

High end security

Professional trainers

Sumptuous meals

Learn experientially, play hard, and be safe in the best Preschool in India

At Brats n Cuties emphasis is laid on to comfort the child in the new found routine and also provide comfort and assurance to the parents who experience anxiety primarily because their little one is leaving the comfort of the home and warmth of the parents for the first time and entering into a new environment.

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